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Let’s Go On A Picnic! Best places for a picnic in Afton, Wyoming

Afton, Wyoming viewpoint

From the wise words of Jane Wagner, “Unless you are at a picnic, life is no picnic!” We couldn’t agree more. Enjoying a delicious meal surrounded by breathtaking nature is sure to increase your serotonin. In the Afton, Wyoming area, the number of picnic spots is endless and the beauty surrounding them is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Pack your picnic basket full of goodies, grab your loved ones and set off to one of these incredible destinations to enjoy your lunch!

Canyon View Park

For a family picnic experience, Canyon View Park is the place to go. Not only is it beautiful, with changing leaves in the fall and colorful flowers in the spring, but it is kid and animal friendly. With a fun playground and basketball and volleyball nets nearby, you can spread out your blanket and enjoy the fresh air all day long. There is also a rushing river nearby that acts as a soundtrack to your relaxing day. Canyon View Park has it all for family and friends who want a well-maintained place to eat and play.

Star Hill Landmark

Star Hill Landmark brings you a show with your dinner. Enjoy the view with your significant other from this lookout. After a short hike to the top, the final destination is that much more amazing. Once you have made it, you’ll enjoy an incredible view of the valley. We recommend going when the sun is setting to truly capture the magic of the area. Don’t forget to bring your camera because we guarantee these will be moments worth capturing!

Star View Park

For those people who love the outdoors but would rather enjoy it with a picnic instead of on a long hike, we have just the place for you. Star View Park is a great spot to kick up your feet with delicious food and amazing surroundings. With picnic tables and a pavilion, this quiet and peaceful park is the perfect place to chow down on yummy grub. What’s better than combining beauty, food and relaxation? Make sure to check out this must-see place next time you are in the area.

Intermittent Spring

As the largest intermittent spring in the world, this is truly a unique and fun place to eat your lunch. Here, picnic tables are surrounded by beautiful foliage, creating a scenic dining experience. After you enjoy your food, take the short hike to the Periodic Falls. Wait long enough and you’ll witness the water cease to fall and then start up again. It’s an incredible experience that everyone will enjoy.

A picnic with loved ones is just what the doctor ordered. While in Afton, Wyoming, instead of eating your food inside, find a beautiful spot and enjoy the serenity of nature. There are many great spots to choose from. Which one are you headed to first?

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