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All About Afton, Wyoming

Afton Then

In the 1870s, Latter-day Saint church leaders scouted the area that would become Afton, Wyoming and proclaimed the area to be the “Star of All Valleys" for its natural beauty. The town of Afton was officially founded in 1885 by European settlers moving from their initial settlement in Utah. The town started as a small settlement with only a few family farms and homesteads. The town got its name from the local Intermittent Spring which reminded settlers of the Scottish River Afton. The town gradually grew over time, adding a newspaper service, general store and flour mill all around the turn of the 20th century. 

Afton Now

Afton is now rife with adventure while keeping its charming small-town sensibilities. The town boasts a variety of rustic hotels for travelers, an array of local artisan shops and a selection of restaurants to fit any palate. Afton is also home to plenty of exciting events and festivals that draw visitors from across the nation. The town still keeps in touch with its roots and traditions — the annual Lincoln County Fair has been a highlight event for locals and visitors for over 100 years.  


Star Valley still fits its namesake as a gorgeous place to enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer. Break out your hiking boots, mountain bike or fishing gear for an all-day, outdoor adventure in the heart of America’s frontier. For more information about the variety of activities to do in Afton, visit our play page.

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