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Come play in our backyard

Afton, Wyoming is one of the best-kept secrets of the American West. Founded by pioneer settlers in 1885, Afton is still home to anyone with an adventurous spirit and a longing for rustic sensibilities. Take a hike through gorgeous meadows or spend a day shopping on Main Street. Whatever your adventure, Afton has the experience for you.


You’ll Know You’re Here When You See the Arch


Towering over the four lanes of  Highway 89 in downtown Afton, the Elkhorn Arch is the centerpiece of the town. This arch is made out of 3,011 elk antlers, making this the largest elk horn arch in the world. This unique structure gives Afton its signature rustic charm.


Outside of Afton resides the largest rhythmic spring in the world. A rhythmic spring is a rare cold water spring that starts and stops flowing over a regular time scale. Think of it like a geyser crossed with a river. The Intermittent Spring is not only one of 100 rhythmic springs in the world but it’s also the largest in the world.


An Old Western Town Through and Through

Afton, Wyoming was founded in 1885 by European and American pioneers that were gradually settling the west. The settlement was named “Afton” after a Scottish river that reminded settlers of the Intermittent Spring. After over 130 years, Afton still keeps its small-town vibe.

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"It's a place that makes me feel like I want to live there."

Lance Toomey

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