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Conquering Heights: The Afton Hillclimb

You’ve heard it from us before: Star Valley is a paradise for snowmobilers. The area’s crisp mountain air, varied landscapes and stunning powder snow make it a haven for adventure seekers young and old. Afton is such an ideal snowmobile destination that it even has its own annual competition: the Afton Hillclimb

Taking place from February 16-17, this two-day event sees hundreds of snowmobiling pros from across the country gather to race over the steep hills of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. The Hillclimb is more than a competition; it's a celebration of courage, skill and the passion that fuels these riders to conquer the formidable peaks of the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

A snowmobile rider tipping a sled on the slope of a hill

A Challenge for Every Rider

Whether you're an amateur sledder honing your skills or a seasoned pro pushing the limits, the RMSHA Afton Hillclimb has a category for every snowmobiler. The slopes become a canvas for riders to showcase their mastery, pushing themselves and their machines to new heights, quite literally! All races take place up Phillips Canyon in Gover Park, right outside Downtown Afton. The steep climb is infamous among the sledding community for its rugged terrain and steep slopes. Expect speed, snow and serious airtime throughout the event. 

More Than Just a Race

Rated as one of the toughest snowmobiling challenges in the West by SnowGoer Magazine, the Hillclimb is the ultimate showcase of technical skill. Sledders from across the United States and Canada are expected to visit Star Valley this February to conquer the mountain. 

Even if you’re not a snowmobiler, you won’t want to miss out on the event. During the Hillclimb, Afton turns into a winter wonderland for the weekend!

And for those looking to elevate their viewing experience, Afton offers a free shuttle to Grover Park to witness the action in person. It's the prime spot to witness the action unfold against the breathtaking backdrop of pristine snow and towering pines.

Local pop-ups and food trucks are scheduled to be on-site during the event, offering everything from hearty mountain grub to artisanal hot beverages. Watch the action while sipping on a steaming cup of cocoa or grabbing a quick bite from a food truck as you soak in the vibrant atmosphere – Afton has something for every palate.

Legacy of Adventure

The Afton Hillclimb is a continuation of our legacy as a town nestled in paradise. It's a testament to the adventurous spirit that courses through our veins, a celebration of the rugged terrain that we proudly call home. Each snowmobile that conquers these peaks leaves behind a tale of triumph, adding to the rich tapestry of Afton's winter adventures.

Mark your calendars and bundle up – the RMSHA Afton Hillclimb is more than a race; it's a journey into the heart of snowmobiling excellence. Join us as we cheer on the daredevils, indulge in local delights, and revel in the majesty of the Rocky Mountains. Afton awaits, and the snow is calling – let the Hillclimb begin!

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