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North Fork Strawberry Creek Trail

North Fork Strawberry Creek Trail

Quick details:

Length: 7 to 8 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Trail Surface: Dirt Trail, Rough, Rocky, Loose Rock

Scenery: Lake, Streams, Wildflowers, Wildlife, Mountains

Directions: From Afton, Wyoming, follow US Highway 89 north for approximately 12 miles, Turn right onto Strawberry Creek Road (126) and continue for about 3.6 miles until you reach the dirt road. Follow the dirt road until it ends at Strawberry Reservoir (23 minutes on grave road). Then follow the trail for about 0.8 miles until you reach a fork in the trail. Take the trail on the left. This will take you up North Fork Strawberry Creek.

Trail overview:

Trial is moderately difficult and can be rocky in areas. The trail is known for its trickling streams, forested mountain ranges, and salted peaks. The path leads to Strawberry Lake and ends at Visser Peak. Best to hike in the summer. Great place for swimming, hiking, and backpacking.

Additional information:

Estimated hiking time: Half day

Facilities: None

Configuration: Out and back

Exposure: Little Shade

Trail Traffic: Heavy

Dogs: Yes, on leash

Access Fees: Free

Gear to Take: Sunscreen, hat, bug spray, backpack, snacks, water, fishing pole, and swimsuit.


Covid19 Requirements: As long as government regulations permit, the public trail system is still open for use. Masks should be used in areas where 6 feet of distance cannot be maintained between individuals. Extra care should be taken when using public facilities, including (but not limited to) bathrooms, public handrails, picnic areas, etc. The use of sanitation wipes and hand sanitizer is encouraged.

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